Sigrid Imports: A Wine and Spirit Merchant

Sigrid Robertshaw, Founder / Buying Consultant of Sigrid Imports created many marketing and sales standards for brand building and customer service in the alcohol beverage industry in Alberta and British Columbia since 1983. Today, Sigrid, an expert in Alberta’s “Privatized Market” (non-government monopoly), continues to aim to be more than merely current.

Myles Burnett, President / CEO, joins his family’s passion for food and wine. His entrepreneurial spirit has helped to create and develop Sigrid Imports to what it is today and his expertise puts the accent firmly on blending in and standing out.

Jes Burnett, Resident Sommelier, keeps a finger on the pulse of wine trends of the past, present and future. Service oriented, Jes brings ten years of world-class hotel and hospitality expertise. His focus is on the relationship between food and beverages.